iMaint Mobile

iMaint on the go

Go mobile, Go paperless

iMaint Mobile is the easiest, fastest and most comprehensive way to manage deskless employees successfully.

iMaint Mobile allows your technicians to manage their work orders, report new faults / requests and be productive anywhere, anytime. The technical manager can also use it to monitor all new faults and assign them to technicians even if he is not at the office.

  • Get access from all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • Work both online and offline
  • Get Real-time feedback
  • Upload photos to work orders
  • Push Notifications – Assignment alerts
  • Capture labor time (record start, stop and break times)
  • Capture signatures upon completion
  • Record spare parts / materials used
  • Scan asset barcodes or QR codes

iMaint Mobile helps you

  • Increase Insights
  • Provide Proof of Service
  • Save Time
  • Increase Productivity of your service team