Maintenance Analytics

Data Analytics

iMaint can help you to transform your equipment and maintenance data into valuable knowledge and use this knowledge to dramatically improve the performance of your equipment.

You will be able to better understand what is happening, why it happens and identify behavior patterns and trends that will enable early detection of faults and breakdowns of your equipment.

Data Mining is an automatic and organized process of exploring and modeling large data sets. Its aim is to extract valid, novel, potentially useful, meaningful and understandable patterns accumulating in large and complex databases. It involves mathematical and statistical methodologies to explore the data, develop the models and discover previously unknown patterns.

iMaint offers a comprehensive data mining solution based on an integrated platform, taking you from raw data to accurate analytical models with a seamless, efficient process. Data from maintenance activities, equipment breakdowns and sensors are combined together and analyzed in order to understand the factors that affect the performance of your equipment and develop highly accurate predictive maintenance models. You will be able to understand not only what has happened, but what will likely happen next. Also, to identify low – high MTBF areas and the root causes of failure by facility or equipment.

iMaint wraps a powerful platform of advanced predictive analytics with:

  • Premier enterprise business intelligence systems that convert the information hidden in your data into an understanding of the relationships and patterns, which leads to proactive decision making.
  • Services and training that enable you to quickly reap the benefits of your data mining endeavors. Because we know that every business like every data mining project is unique we will tailor a solution to your requirements.