iMaint Data Loggers

Data Acquisition

Regular monitoring of equipment behavior and power usage can help you to improve equipment performance, energy efficiency and reduce downtime.

iMaint Loggers are low-cost, high performance data acquisition and control systems, specifically designed for equipment monitoring, that can be integrated with iMaint software.

They can be used to measure voltage, current, frequency, power factor, active, reactive and apparent power and energy, ambient temperature, water temperature, equipment temperature, flow, vibrations and many other parameters.


  • Easy to use, with minimum requirements for electric supply and communication infrastructure.
  • Flexibility and modularity. The solution can be engineered to your needs.
  • Low initial and maintenance cost.
  • Straightforward installation and maintenance.
  • Complete, sealed, high reliability, field proven data acquisition and recording system.
  • It is possible to operate both with external power supply as well as just with battery, without any external power supply. Battery life up to 5 years. All the communication options are supported, from 3G to RF to WiFi.
  • Native integration with iMaint system