Work Order Management

Maintenance Software for Efficient Work Order Management

Provide to the maintenance staff work orders with detailed instructions on every job they have to perform. This includes all the necessary information to carry out the work such as required spare parts/materials, inspections and safety instructions.

Work orders can be printed and handed to the staff who will carry out the job (click the image on the right to maximise).

Know at any time which jobs have to be carried out, the jobs that are overdue, as well as the jobs actually performed and the results.

Many formats are supported: detailed (an A4 page per work order), brief (many work orders in one page), per technician, system or equipment group.

Each work order is identified by a unique number and a bar code. Using a low-cost reader, it is very easy to quickly locate it in the work orders tables.

Record all the information for a job including tasks actually performed, billable items (labor, parts, expenses, subcontractors) and more.