Powerful and practical CMMS system

iMaint helps you to reduce maintenance and operating costs, improve equipment performance, reduce failures and downtime, make efficient use of staff resources and optimize inventory and purchasing processes.

It is a unique tool to support

  • Planning and follow up of all activities assuring timely completion of all jobs
  • Improved productivity and morale of the maintenance staff
  • Improved equipment performance, reduced breakdowns and emergency repairs
  • Reduced cost per repair
  • Increase in overall life of equipment
  • Cost tracking for maintenance activities, service agreements, and projects. Make sure that you stay on budget and on track.
  • Successful inventory management, optimization of purchasing activities and stocking policies
  • Immediate access to equipment history
  • Reduced paper work – no manual tracking activities.
  • Reduced maintenance backlog
  • Better reporting, better decisions

Why choose iMaint?


  • Integrates preventive maintenance, work orders, fault management, inventory control, and purchasing management
  • Unlimited levels of equipment hierarchy (components, sub-components, etc.) , horizontal and vertical. You may create multiple hierarchies based on any concept such as spatial, electrical, mechanical etc.
  • Complex rules in preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Space management (spaces, sub-spaces, etc.)
  • Bar codes in equipment and parts
  • Powerful, multi-dimensional analysis tools
  • Web and PDA extensions


iMaint gives you great balance between functionality and ease of use. No need to sacrifice in features.

Our user interface design is able to deliver loads of functionality without confusing the user. Users familiar with the concept adopt it from the first use and beginners get hold of the interface with no effort.

  • Process-oriented, simple to operate.
  • Visual editor that you can use to add equipment/facilities using drag & drop and graphic data-entry.
  • Equipment can be registered on the fly, when e.g. entering a new fault.
  • Work orders can be viewed in calendars, tables and trees.
  • User-friendly, attractive, user interface.
  • Incorporates many time saving features
  • Only few fields are mandatory in each screen


  • Back-office integration (ERP systems and financial applications)
  • Highly customizable – all screens and reports can be changed by the user.
  • Custom fields for all main entities (such as work orders, calls, etc.) that can also be used as search criteria.
  • Works the way you work. For example, you may define only one storeroom or multiple storerooms for your parts. Or, you may completely disable the inventory management functionality and allocate parts and costs directly to work orders.
  • Define your own features for each type of equipment or parts. Use them as retrieval criteria.
  • Quick, batch close of workorders.


  • Modern and attractive user interface. Users can change skins and colors!
  • Almost all the popular DB Engines are supported: Access, SQL Server Express, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSql, Firebird, PervasiveSQL, VistaDB, SQL Anywhere, Advantage, DB2 and Sybase. The database to use is your choice!
  • Cost-effective – Very competitive price, compared with similar products.