Customers and contacts

iMaint.eng provides a single place to store all your customer details like contact persons, business opportunities and quotes, accounts, documents, customer history, running projects or contracts.

You may also define parent-child relationships between your customers e.g. in case of big companies and subsidiaries.

Access to this information is easy and instant.


Independent contacts: Have contacts associated with more than one customer!

Sometimes we came across people (such as independent consultants) who do arrangement for more than one of our clients. In a CRM such cases are of great importance because you may deal with a certain customer directly and indirectly.

iMaint.eng supports many-to-many relations between customers and contacts, in an easy and user friendly way.


Synchronize contacts with Outlook or Google Contacts Conflict resolution rules for each record

Batch or per record synchronization

Embedded Google Maps – Locate your clients and plan a visit easily!


Easily view and manage all your day-to-day activities like meetings, calls, etc.

Create activities directly from the calendar by simply double clicking on a date and time.

Drag-drop activities to change dates and times.

Change calendar view to month, week, work week, day or timeline.

Business Opportunities

Never loose deals because critical actions were forgotten!

Track all sales opportunities end-to-end and closely monitor all the related information such as appointments, tasks, phone calls, e-mails, correspondence and documents of any kind.

Find out neglected leads, follow opportunities in the pipeline.

Track the status of each opportunity as well as the estimated and actual revenue and, if you want, also the time spent on each opportunity.

Track and analyze estimated and actual revenue per month, customer, opportunity type or sales person.

Create nice-looking, professional, sale quotes and orders (with speed and efficiency), directly from the business opportunities, using templates that you may modify and adapt to your needs.

Identify your most important clients or the most selling products or services. All with just one-click.

Find out what drives your business and where to focus your resources.

Boost sales productivity and streamline sales cycles.


Track customer calls, for example, service requests, complaints and requests for quotes.

Manage detailed information about each call, note down contact persons, assign the call to one of your staff or an external contractor, create work orders (in case of service requests) or business opportunities, relate to projects, include attachments, calculate the response time and more.

Respond to customer requests quickly and effectively.

Convert calls to opportunities or projects.

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Get statistics like number of calls per month or call response time.

Customer & Supplier Accounts

Keep track of your customer accounts in an easy way. Manage invoices and payments.

Easy and immediate access to transactions (debits and credits) and balance of each customer or supplier.


Manage leads, convert leads to customers.

Create Marketing Campaigns. Contact customers quickly and effectively. Plan activities, run the campaign, track progress and measure results.

Automatically generate personalized letters or e-mails for campaign customers and easily send mass communications.