Project Management

Service Management and Project Management Together

Focus on making every minute invested in work productive, not on management!

Project Management is essential for every project, large or small. It is important to know if your projects are still on budget, which tasks are on-schedule or how much of a task has actually been completed.

However, using existing enterprise project management tools, this process becomes so time consuming that puts the overall outcome in debate. This is especially true in small companies which cannot afford to get a serious time and effort overhead.

iMaint/eng provides you the tools to track you projects without the hustle of Enterprise Project Management. In this way, you can achieve 100% of the result with 10% of the effort!

In iMaint/eng project management is simple and effective. The main idea is: estimate project effort and cost, track time and expenditures, evaluate results.

Project creation is simple: only the client, the project description and duration are required.

Once a project is created you may define values for the estimated hours and cost.

It is also possible to define sub-projects; each sub-project has its own duration and budget info.

During the project, keep track of how much time and cost are spent and make sure that you stay on budget and on track.

You may monitor the overall project total cost and time as well as the percentage of completion of each individual task.

You can track not only time related to a project, but also expenses (for example costs of subcontractors, traveling, material, etc.)

You can also manage your subcontractor invoices and payments.

Easily get a quick overview of the cost of all projects.

Identify the projects with the highest costs.

Manage all the documents related to a project.

iMaint/eng provides you an easy way to store and share the documents related to a project your team is working on.

Avoid missing any important documents.

See all documents related to a project in one view.