Preventive Maintenance

Service Management Software with Advanced Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Easily generate preventive maintenance work orders based on tasks.

Tasks can be time-based or meter-based.

It is also possible to have tasks that are simultaneously calendar based (such as every two months) and meter-based (every 5,000 km), whichever occurrence happens first.

Tasks can be linked to equipment types of classified in groups.

They include labor, parts and expense information as well as work procedures and checks that need to be made.

 In the case of time-based tasks work is triggered by elapsed time since previous work.

Many scheduling options are available: Days, Weeks, Months, etc.

For each of these options, more detailed rules can be applied (e.g. the first Monday of every three months)

In meter-based scheduling, work is triggered by metered usage of equipment (e.g. every 3000 hours).

Complex tasks are also supported. These tasks allow you to group multiple equipment into a single work order. This is particularly useful when you have a big number or equipment in which maintenance is done by batches.