Asset Management

Service Management Software with Advanced Asset Management

Unlimited levels of equipment hierarchy (horizontal and vertical).

You may create multiple hierarchies based on any concept (for example, equipment hierarcy and location hierarchy) that are illustrated in trees making the visualisation of functional systems or buildings/areas easier.

New equipment or facilities can be added directly to the tree, copied or repeated (e.g. in case of a building or engine room similar to an existing one).

Equipment may be moved between various hierarchy levels too.

Detailed information about every equipment or facility (code, description, model, date of purchase and installation, expiration of guarantee, works done, faults, spare parts, etc).

Custom fields for each equipment type (for example, in the case of distribution transformers:nominal power, temperature rise, ambient temperature, short circuit voltage, no load losses, load losses). These are applied to individual equipment records and can be used as search criteria.

Unlimited number of documents (photos, blueprints, manuals, etc.) can be related to each equipment.

Classification of equipment in (multiple) categories and types.

Easily track, locate, and report on your equipment using these classifications.

Generate reports and statistics based on equipment categories and types (e.g. what was the total maintenance cost of air handling units of customer A in the last five years).

Immediate access to the previous maintenance history of each equipment including  maintenance activities, breakdown behavior and fault frequency, usage  of equipment , performance, functional locations it was installed in the past, etc.

Good and detailed equipment history is very important for optimized maintenance planning as well as on decisions regarding equipment replacement or new investments.

Service Agreements. Manage service agreements and maintenance instructions for each equipment, be notified when the agreement is about to expire.