Service Management Analysis and Reporting

Professional business reports that can be fully customized by the end-user.

Multiple versions of the same report can be created.

Powerful tools for analyzing your business data. For instance, you can analyze opportunities during specific periods (years, quarterly intervals, months) for each customer or each product category, or you can create a report which will show the top 10 customers, by items purchased .

Some other examples are:

  • Analysis of the estimated and the actual man-hours and costs for service agreements, projects and service requests. This can be per customer, type of equipment/facility, type of activity, etc.
  • Service request calls per customer, month, type of request.
  • Forecasts for the required spare parts
  • Call response time
  • EnergyConsumption

All the analysis are dynamic and multi-dimensional. For example you may view the service cost

  • per month for all your customers
  • per month and per task for each customer
  • per customer for a specific time period
  • per month and cost center
  • etc

iMaint/eng comes with a pre-defined set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that you can modify and adapt to your needs.

It is also possible to create your own indicators, from scratch, using automatically calculated or manual parameters.